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Each workshop is designed around our Prepare-to-Practice model, based on a practical and highly interactive training methodology.  This highly successful model was developed and perfected by Keys to Effective Learning. 

The Prepare-to-Practice learning model includes demonstrations, role-playing, case studies, simulations, presentations, writing learning objectives and preparing lessons plans. The Prepare-to-Practice model involves the presentation of new concepts and information and the modeling of “best practices” by the Trainer /Facilitator. The participants follow by demonstrating their understanding of the new concepts and information as it applies to their training and work environments.


The Trainer/Facilitator provides ongoing feedback for clarification until the new concepts and information are understood by each participant. Finally, the Trainer/Facilitator and participants work together to assess and evaluate the effectiveness of the learning as it applies to their work situation. This assessment/evaluation is very important to the process and provides the “reality check” that is needed to ensure the learning is authentic and meaningful to the participants in their everyday role as teachers and leaders.


The participants’ feedback indicates to us that this model or style of delivery is meeting their needs and that learning is happening and likely to be retained and used by participants. A frequent comment made by participants is: “The best thing about this training is that it is very practical. It’s different from most other training that we’ve taken.”






















Close interaction between Keys trainers and participants ensures assimilation of new concepts.



Keys to Effective Learning trains thousands of teachers, administrators and supervisors each year from private, government and international schools following the U.K., American, Canadian and Egyptian systems.







School administrators participate in a wide array of workshops, such as Walk-Through School Management, Building an Effective School Team, and Supporting Teachers Through a School Mentorship Program.











Enabling teachers to integrate technology into the classroom has transformed Egyptian schools.

Teachers practice newly acquired skills with their colleagues, and exchange feedback.











“The training that Keys does is so practical.  It shows us the ‘how’ rather than the ‘what’.  It is easily related and connected to my work experience.  It allows me time to apply and reflect.  We need more training from Keys.”      

- A Participant in the Alexandria Educational Reform Initiative.



Interaction with colleagues from other schools provides opportunities to brainstorm and develop new strategies.









Trainer Nahed Lotfy (right) discusses team dynamics with Cairo school principal Maha Seifein.


President Corinne McComb listens to a young teacher/participant.


As part of the Education Technology in Schools Project (funded by USAID), teachers learn basic and advanced computer skills.

Keys to Effective Learning has provided Total Training Solutions as part of USAID Educational Reform Initiatives.

Team Building Workshop Participant Mayssa Abaza discovers her team player style at a School Administrators’ workshop.