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At Keys to Effective Learning, we are often told that “Keys is different.  You’re not just another teacher training company.” How have we contributed to education in Egypt and the Middle East?  Let’s hear from the experts in the field:  


By our Trainers:

The atmosphere when Keys is around reflects professionalism, integrity, respect; the Team walks the talk. They set a good model for teachers.  Working with Keys raises the standards and instils you with energy that makes change happen positively.  The energy is used not to belittle but to uplift, rebuild and continuously develop.  Keys has the vision, the action and the positive attitude.  It’s an effective model to be followed in Egypt because they are giving their best and more people are learning.

Zakeya El Nahas

Keys Trainer






Sharon Hiebert

Keys Trainer

Helping teachers integrate computers into their classes has been a remarkable privilege for me.  Not only do I have the chance to help dedicated and energetic teachers do a better job of educating Egypt’s children, I also believe this project is inspiring every-day teachers to have hope in the Egyptian education system.  Sharing lessons across the country through the PfCE website and during training empowers teachers to know they are working together across their country.  I believe my work offers participants dynamic and diverse options for their classrooms, leads them to actively problem solve and constructively criticize their own and others’ work in such a positive and encouraging manner that they

become unfettered from the fear of critical oppression for its own sake.  These participants are given license to creatively seek out internet sites, incorporate these into their lessons and access current and exciting educational materials.  They are excited and proud to use these materials and methods in their classes. 


By Teachers:






All my life I’ve been dreaming of change. I was sure there was a way to bring about better performance, and that I can work in a different and better way, but I didn’t know where to start. Until the TILO project came to our school with its new model of professional development for teachers. We learned about designing lesson plans, teachers’ classroom management and involving the students actively in learning. This is what I was dreaming about, but did not know how to do it.

Now I’m working with more self-confidence, welcoming any visitors any time without fear, being confused or worried, sure I’m doing my work in the best way.

Now the educational procedure is enjoyable for me and for my students—we’ve become friends.

And an excellent rapport has been established between my students and me as well as the interacting participation between us in the classroom. I like to be inside my classroom with my students most of the time. Students become in the center of the learning process.


A teacher who found herself.

Mrs. Hayam Mohammed Saleh, a teacher at Al Obour Primary School 1, Maydoom, Beni Suef, Egypt

The training that Keys does is so practical.  It shows us the “how” rather than the “what”.  It is easily related and connected to my work experience.  It allows me time to apply and reflect.  We need more training from Keys

At the beginning we would like to record our thanks for this unique experience that we have had throughout the year.  There were many barriers between the computers and us and now there are no barriers. 

We owe these great things to our Trainers throughout the period of training.  We are lucky to have them and the technicians through the training.  We have benefited from what we have learned and use it inside our classrooms.  We thank all our Trainers and “Techy” people.

Teachers Fatima, Ferial and Anissa

El Manar, Ismailia School

Egypt June 2004


I have learned how to use the IT item in my lesson plan for making it more interesting.  I have also learned how to judge my lesson plan according to the rubrics we studied in class such as, class management, authentic assessment, student centered learning, problem solving, and effective lesson planning.

Zeinab Motawei


I have learned a lot through this course, it widened my views towards lesson planning and the rubrics to assess it.  The best part was watching other schools in far areas using computers in their classes, developing their teaching skills along with their minds.

Heba Selim


I’ve learnt how to include the IT item into my lesson plans as well as my personal life.  Moreover, I’ve learnt how to judge my lesson according to the rubrics we studied such as, class management, authentic assessment, student centered learning, problem solving, and effective lesson planning, and critical thinking.

This project made me see and feel how creative I could be.  It taught me how to be loving, caring, and understanding for my students.  Above all to know how to explore inside them and not only see their outside.

Abir Eid (Riada)



I found that introducing PCs into the classroom is a big challenge, especially when it comes to KG.  It is very interesting to use PCs in teaching.  It is a very effective way of making children understand themes.  It was difficult at the beginning to work without A fight over the mouse, but at the end children learn the idea of turns.

Ghada El Denini


It’s wonderful to be computer literate.  I was scared of coming near a computer a year ago.  Seeing teachers using IT in classes and group work is fantastic.

Mayssa Abaza


The project brought about major changes in the educational process. It helped both teachers and students use their talents effectively:  we became energetic, and we now plan exceptional lesson plans. Everybody felt the change, as we learned how to work together collaboratively in an environment filled with love and friendship between the teachers, the students and the school principal observed this during her classroom visits.

We are constantly using computers in the classroom, as it became an essential educational tool.  We're competing with each other to create diverse activities for each subject such as plays, TV interviews, etc.

Students started to love the school, looking forward to using the computers in their classrooms to create PowerPoint presentations, magazines, surf the Internet, or design photo albums using pictures from the Internet related to the subject.

Ms. Magda Zaki

St. Joseph's Language School, Zamalek


This project showed us how to work collaboratively, share our ideas, respect one another, prepare our lesson plans together, explain the lesson in an interesting way, use a variety of resources and help one another in solving daily problems.

As for the children:

They changed the way they study their lessons -  they can easily understand what's expected of them, and love the way the lesson is presented using the computer,

They actively participate during the lesson, work in groups on different activities in an interesting and simple way.

Ms. Sabah Beshara

St. Joseph's Language School, Zamalek